lol! the happy bubbe: March 2006

the happy bubbe

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Making Hats

the happy bubbe
I spent the day making hats yesterday. My daughter is studying for her Master knitters certificate, my granddaughters ages 10,9 and 4 are knitting and I can't! I have tried, but I can't. I managed a washcloth size once and went back to crocheting, IMEDIATELY! So yesterday I made two hats. They are hats for my husband's Aunt Barbara. She has lung cancer and is going through Chemo. One is a fun floppy hat for out of doors and the other is for sleeping. Until my sister-in-laws mother had breast cancer, I didn't realize that hats were needed for sleeping because of the heat loss out of the top of their heads. So I made a very soft bernat Frenzy hat that will be cuddle soft for nighttime moments and a floppy hat to keep the sun off her face. Mike's mom asked me to do this for her sister. What an honor that is to me. She doesn't ask me for very much so this means a lot to me. We haven't seen Mike's Aunt Barbara since Charlotte was pregnant with Brian, so over 31 years. My grandchildren, Tirzah and Kezzi are also making her caps to wear. What sweet girls they are. Since Tirzah is on bed rest because of her HSP, this is a good outlet for her. I can't wait to see them.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Itching to plant!

the happy bubbe
Today is another day! Another day of rain and a possibility of snow. Now I really love spring snow, it is big and flaky, it melts quickly... but today I have roses to plant! I have never had roses to plant and I really want to get my hands dirty! I want to prepare the land, but I have to wait, I want to soak the bare-roots but I can't, and I want to see where the sun is brightest, BUT I haven't seen it! But the snow will be so pretty so I will enjoy it and wait.

I told you about my favorite Fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red. It is a family favorite. It is my Mama's favorite, my sister Chris' favorite (she is the rose expert) and it is my eldest granddaughters favorite. And just like the fairy tale One is fair and blonde and the other is exotic and dark. The snow white rose I plant will be Tirzah's. I am hoping to fine a JFK for the white rose, but she likes anastasia best, and we may choose a Home and Family tree instead. Kezzi's will be The Mr Lincoln tree and bush I bought. It is the perfect red as long as it doesn't get reflected light which can cause them to get too dark purply. So it is a bit moody, like our sweet granddaughter. And as red as her lips.

Now the other rose I bought is for my far away granddaughter and her mama. It is called a Tiffany rose. They love Tiffany's and the soft pink is Kayla's favorite color. And the frangrance will be the light baby fragrance I remember from when I held her. She was so pink and perfect when I last saw her. It is the perfect rose for her. It is specal for them. Tiffany's is Syrena's favorite store, she talks about it all the time and Matt seems to bless her with the sweetest treasures from there when he can. It will bring them close to me and the fragrance when they arrive will fill our home with thoughts of them.

I hope to have roses for all our grandchildren so that they can always say..That is My rose! See how HAPPY they make our Bubbe. I want a very patriotic garden to mirror the life we have lived. It will take time (and sales like the one I accidently stumbled on to) . When it is grand it will be. We will be surrounded with beauty and the fragrance of love and Family.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Rosie roses

I bought my first roses today. I am so excited to have found such nice varieties at such awesome prices. I bought a Mr. Lincoln, a Tiffany and a Climbing Pink Don Juan. I don't have a lot of sunny areas, but the areas I have I am hoping these will flourish. I won't be able to plant them for a few days because of rain. I am so excited about the prospect of having my own roses in my own livingroom in my own home. did I mention they were on sale at K-mart for 1.99? Really! And I think my tulips are starting to poke through the ground. I am still looking for my perfect Snow white rose. Snow White and Rose Red is my favorite Fairy Tale. So I want red roses and white roses welcoming people in to my home. Planting pictures will follow.

How do you prove ...?

the happy bubbe
It is hard for me to imagine a week has past and still this issue is an issue. I thought everything was settled. I said I racked my brain, I thought things through and there was no way I wrote what I am "accused" of writing. I listened to the accusations and I said I don't think I wrote that e-mail. I asked to see it, butit is invisible. I believe that is because it doesn't exist. But I so wanted to be truthful that my slowness to answer has been determined a lie. Things I am certain of...I did not say "she" was getting a job at the airport nor did I say she had found a home. Those things happened the morning the email was suppose to be written. So I could not have said those things. I don't know when the house burned down, but I know I said,” Gosh I had been taking to someone just the other day about house fires, was it her?" That gave me a doubt so I prayed to remember when that conversation had taken place. I now know it wasn't "her" because it was my sister that I was taking to about house fires because I shared my story and she shared hers. And I was asked not to say a word about "The Secret!" and I didn't. So the one thing that had caused me to question whether or not I had done something has been answered. The truth is I didn't send an e-mail, and they can not produce an e-mail. My integrity has been slandered, my character slammed and those that I thought knew me best, don't know me at all. And most of all someone I love dearly and would do anything for is no longer in my life and that breaks my heart. She thinks our relationship was built on honesty, the truth is, it was built on love. And Love covers a multitude of sins. How do you prove that you are telling the truth? Maybe you can't, maybe you just believe. And then pray the lie is shown to be what it is, a lie and the truth shown to be the truth.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a pity party

the happy bubbe
Boy that was a major pity party. I can't believe I let myself be dragged into this nonsense. It is so easy to fall and so much harder to climb out. What others think of me really doesn't matter. It is what Christ says about me and what I know to be true that matters. I just want to know that my light can't be extinguished by silly accusations that have no basis of truth. I hate letting the flesh vomit on the world because I haven't taken the time to renew my Spirit. Shame on me.

I am Tired

I’m Tired….
I am tired because I went to bed at 11:30 PM and woke up at 4:13 am

I am tired because I can only dream about fires and people hacking off little pieces of me for so long.

I am tired because I have lived in a Family of Lies (Yes that was a Dad movie) for so long that the truth is never accepted without proof but the lie is.

I am tired of being told “I already heard it so I don’t want to talk about it with you.”

I am tired of being told “I don’t want to take sides”, and than they do.

I am tired of believing the best in people only to have them assume the worst about me.

I am tired of reaching out only to have my arm ripped off and my heart ripped out.

I am tired of defending myself when I don’t even know there is a battle waging.

I am tired that introspection and certainty are determined to be waffling and deception.

I am tired of hurting for those that seek only to hurt me

I am tired of every nice gesture being turned into an attack or a vengeful act.

I am tired of the disgust I see on Mike’s face because I care what others think about me

I don’t want to care about where some one lives

I don’t want to care about who someone visits

I don’t want to care who is sober this week.

I don’t want to care who has someone to help them during their recovery

I don’t want to care about houses burning

I don’t want to care about sister parties that can never have all the sisters because we are so hateful to one another

I don’t want to care because I don’t want to cry anymore

But I do care and I do cry and that just makes me tired all over again

Monday, March 13, 2006

And the snow came down

I Love my trees in my yard. All covered with snow, they become the perfect backdrop for scrapbooking!

Snowing in March

What a beautiful Light March snow we are having! It fell gently all day long. This made for a very cuddly day.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mike's completed office

An elegant place to work with an awesome view. I can't thank them enough. It is beautiful!

Bamboo Delight!

Have your ever seen anything so lovely!

Mike sets the last pieces

Mike cut and placed the entry himself under supervision. I am so proud!

The Assitant Extraordinaire

Sam with a Chisel ...

Master Craftsman!

I am amazed at His abilities and perfect percision cuts!

Old Vinyl Flooring ....Gone!

out with the old....

A little paint and wood and Viole'!

the happy bubbe
What a weekend this turned out to be. First Shannon, Mike and Sam ripped out the old ORANGE SHAG 1978 carpet and vinyl flooringand put in the most beautiful bamboo flooring. Masters at work, it couldn't be more lovely. Then we broke out the paint and painted the hallway and livingroom this caramel color. Oh I can't even begin to discribe how lovely our home is becoming. Each step we take in making this house our home thrills me so much. My baby sister is buying her first home too. Today she is picking out carpet. Who knew! So many changes. Her home is a dream come true for her. I know she never imagined putting her signature on a home that would be hers one day. But she is doing just that. And we couldn't be happier for her.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh and One More thing....

Finally, I'm asking you to take one further step. It is a little extra work, but it is small in return for what our police officers do for us. If you buy or rent videos, please call your video store and ask them if they have the game 25 to Life in stock. If they say yes, politely tell them you will not be renting videos from them in the future. If they say no, thank them for not stocking 25 to Life.

A Political momment about a Boycott

I believe in Boycotts. I believe it is our responsiblity to let businesses in our communities know what we deem as acceptable in our community and what we don't. They inturn have the right to sell products and accept the downward spiral carrying that product does to their bottom line.

Best Buy has chosen to sell a product called "25 to Life" a game designed to kill Police officers.

If your family is like my family, you probably have spent a fairly substancial amount of money in this store. Signing this petition is a start, but I hope you will take it a step further and call your local Best Buy store manager and ask them not to carry it. These idiots have the right to produce this garbage and Best Buy does have the right to sell it, but as a community we have a right as well to ask them not to and withhold our dollars from them until they do. The Life of my Sister and her fellow Police Officers are betting on it. Funny thing is, she would risk her life for their Right to Sell a product that encourages others to take hers. This is not entertainment! And they have to know we aren't going to fund their poor businass decisions. I hope you will let them know this is not acceptable.

According to the website of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), " make money by celebrating killing cops is the sickest kind of obscenity. " I agree with them.

contact information:Richard M. Schulze, Chairman Best Buy7601 Penn Ave. SouthRichfield, MN 55423 Primary Phone: 1-888-237-8289Secondary Phone: 612-291-1000, ext. 8Fax: 612-292-4001E-Mail: Richard M. Schulze, Best Buy

Please call your local managers as well.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mannequin Moment!

Modeling our completed Knitter Olympic Challenge! Boy Girlz your Rock!


Both Olympians get Gold at the same moment!
The Gauntlets in very Girlie Pink are complete!

Tirzah Knitting Olympian 2006

Tirzah Casts on her Gauntlets and off she goes!
Noone can keep up with this Olympian!

Kezzi the Knitting Olympian!

Opening Ceremonies begin in Torino Italy.
Notice the map in the Back ground. Notice the American T-Shirt! You are awesome!

Bob Hayes and His Team

Zemeira's Ice Skater . She is three years old!

Tirzah's Ice Skater

Kezzi's Ski Jumper

Olympic Portraits

Chai's tribute to The Flying Tomato!

My Knitting Olympian Gold Medalists!!!!

They Started their Gauntlets during the opening ceremonies and two days later my Ten year old Granddaughter was done, four days later my Nine year old Granddaughter was done. Hooray! They loved the Olympics, the knitting and the Patriotism!