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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pastor Bob?

My Pastor Bob?
Something amazing happened yesterday! Our Anouncement maker at the Women's Bible Study, Karen, announced that it was going to be her dad's 75th birthday today. Then she asked the women, how many people remember Pastor Bob? Pastor Bob? Her Dad? Really? I could not believe it! Now I never knew Pastor Bob's last name, so I was never able to locate him, especially because we spent 20 years on the East Coast and he was here in Mike's Hometown. I didn't know how long he pastored here, since the day he changed my life was the day the Senior Pastor had left for Australia for a year. For all this new believer new Pastor's traded places all the time. But now all of a sudden I had a last name, a family member I could get an address from and a letter to write.
You see, the day I walked into Pastor Bob's office over 27 years ago,was the day my husband had finally used the "D" word asking me to go ahead and file. Well, Pastor Bob was so filled with the Spirit of the Lord and had so much wisdom for this very young mom, as I was only a Christian for a couple of years. He shared scripture after scripture with me in such a way that I could share them with Mike. Mike and I ran up a $400.00 phone bill that night, but it saved our marriage. Soon after my meeting with Pastor Bob I was with my husband again, we had been apart for 9 months.
I wanted him to know we were still passionately in love and to know Mike had givien his heart to the Lord and had even become a pastor. So the amazing hour in his office had totally saved my marriage and eventually Mike's soul! And NOW I CAN TELL HIM SO!!!!!!!!!
How totally awesome is Our GOD!
Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together! Ps 34: 3


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