lol! the happy bubbe: July 2006

the happy bubbe

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It is time to vote!

the happy bubbe Please come and vote for my recipe at TeaChef.
It tastes even Better than it looks!


Monday, July 17, 2006

My TeaChef recipe for July

Grilled Pi Lo Chun chunk Tuna

Blend the following

1 Tbsp extra strong Pi Lo Chun Tea
2 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp honey
¼ tsp dry hot Chinese mustard powder

Place two 4 oz Tuna Steaks in Marinade

Place in refrigerator at least ½ a day (Over night is best)

Grill on a hot greased (use a non-stick spray)
5 minutes on one side 3 minutes on the other side
high flame is best.

Serve with Spinach Salad and Steamed Rice

Did anyone else notice the sweet spinach juice like flavor?
~I loved it~

Strange things are happening....

the happy bubbe This week-end a simple High school alumni newsletter came out announcing a classmate had made the cover of a national renowned magazine. This began a bunch of back and forth chatters. When I finally chimed in, a classmate asks, "Are you the Bobbie that throw Fruit punch on me?" Now I may have, but for three days I am racking my brain to try and remember if I threw fruit punch on him. He was picked on a lot at school, and figured I just did what everyone else did to him. I am sure the kids standing around laughed.
He added more details to the account last night and at 3:30Am I remembered. At 3:30am I knew exactly what had happened. And Oh My Gosh! I did takes cuts in line and throw my punch on him when he complained about it.
You see, I had been told someone I loved dearly had died that morning and even though I was devastated, I still had to go to school. At School I could not face my "wood shop" classmates since Denis and I were the only girls in the class. So our kind compassionate and understanding counselor sent us off campus to Colleen's house to try and calm my heart. Colleen gave me a yellow and white butterfly yo-yo and taught me how to yo-yo that day. It gave me something to concentrate on as I went from class to class that day. When we returned from our trip to Colleen's it was our nutrition break and we were running late. To bring me to a back to normal state, they cut in line (like line backers protecting the quarterback) and I bought my fruit punch from the vending machine. The boy was angry that I had cut in front of him and my response was to pour my soda on him. For over 30 years now, he thought it was just another pick on him action. He thought it was about him, and it was all about me. I have apologized, but how do you make p for a lifetime of "Bobbie hit me with Fruit punch". In this day and age, it could have been enough to create a Columbine effect! But then, it just remained a hurt in a young boy’s heart on one of the most tragic days of my life. Add into the fact that the person I was broken hearted over never did die and it was all a lie, and you have a story no one would believe! It is strange but true.... We just never know what is going on in the heart of another person. Perhaps this is why I love Francine River's book Leota's Garden. No matter how much of the truth you think you have, you never possess all of it. And you may never know why someone dumped their punch on your head, until you ask!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Praying for answers

The kids arrived home safely and we spent Sunday together. It was not the experience I expected. I expected stories about their adventures and tales of wonder. We heard about swimming, foods they liked and didn't like. Memory verses they had learned, friends they had made, etc, they were still too tired to share much.

I bet the prodigal felt the same way. He didn't come home expecting a party and he had only hoped that the discipline that awaited him would be merciful. He hoped that because he knew His Father to be a merciful man. The response surprised him. I think the guests were also surprised. They must have had a million questions for him about where he had been, what had happened and why he returned. Too tired to answer, I bet he barely had a few mouthfuls of good home cooking before he fell asleep.

I also didn't expect Sunday's service to bring up our need for real deep fellowship. Heather and Sam were so blessed to see, hear and feel the fellowship , encouragement and praise that camp had given their kids. And at the same time discouraged by what our own church has to offer. Remarks in the service set Heather on edge, friends have asked when home fellowship will begin, and I practically beg Mike. But he is determined to wait on the Lord and not begin a work in his own power. How awesomely Godly of him, how aggrivating for the rest of us. So we are praying God will speak to Mike's heart and help us know what to do. We need something soon and God knows this and His timing will be revealed to all of us.

It was an unexpected Sunday, but one of shared hearts, tears, discussions and very happy grandkids.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Coming!

Nothing is more exciting than Coming Home. Going away has its bits of adventure, touches of curiosity and twinges of fear of the unknown. But the Home Coming, in that there is always rejoicing. You long to hear about the adventures, but the warm hugs are what you are waiting to arrive. Heather and Sam are on their way to pick up their three oldest children. The three youngest children are with them as well. It is a five hour drive and they left somewhere around 4:30am as they have to be there by 10:00am. But that doesn't matter, not even to the smallest of adventurers, because "The Siblings are returning"! They have been sorely missed! The younger ones seem lost without their older counter-parts. And I am certain the campers feel the same as one postcard read...How Is ______? at least six times with various names in the blank.

Jesus told about the Home Coming of a young son. He was eager to start on his own, faltered and was certain his Home Coming would not be Joyous. But That was not the case and the celebration showed him How great is Our Father's Love.

I too, was eager to begin my adventure in the Lord and like the boy have also faltered. The beginnings were grand. I sucked up all the teachings, seminars and worship I could get. I surrounded myself with like-minded fellows to travel about and enjoyed their companionship, and than I faltered. Much like the Boy, the excitement dimmed, the fellowship dwindled and the teachings became routine. It is easy to remain in the pits, but the Promise of the Home Coming is ever before us if we are willing to return. How precious it is to hear, "My Daughter, How I have missed you!", from so loving a Father. "Let us celebrate our reunion, and than you can tell me of your adventures. We have much to talk about." with tenderness in the voice of the Father, we fall into His waiting embrace. And we are Home Again!

Soon our grandchildren will be running into our arms and we will rejoice with them. We will hear of their adventures and simply enjoy the moment. We will have many comings and goings in their lives, but the Home Coming will always be met with Celebration!

May all your Home Comings be Joyous!