lol! the happy bubbe: March 2005

the happy bubbe

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Happy Bubbe

What is a Bubbe you ask? If you have seen any episode of The Nanny, you will remember her refering to her Bubbe. Her Bubbe is her grandma, and that is what I am , a very Happy Bubbe to six soon to be seven wonderful grandchildren. To those of you from the South (having lived in Homestead Florida at one time I know this can be confusing) it is not BUBBA. It is pronounced BUB-BEE and not Boo-Bee. And their is no sweeter sound in all the world than "I love you Bubbe!" Our daughter is the one that has blessed us with five (soon to be six) of our wonderful grandchildren and they live close enough for me to enjoy them a few times a week. We go shopping together, we play baseball together, we read together and watch DVDs together. Everyone has their own favorite DVD and my collection grows weekly. Every Thursday night we have dinner together (sometimes watch survivor as long as they stay clothed) and play various board games and watch a movie. Last night it was The Increbibles! Even thier Great Grandpa watched it with us. This gives mom and dad a break from their kids, but they spend their evening with atleast 25 or more teen-agers! To each Their Own! Our other grandchild lives too far away to spend time with, and that breaks our hearts. We try to stay in touch, but the truth is my arms long to touch her and hold her like I do all the other grandchildren. She is just two years old now, so too young to come visit us for a while, but hopefully she will one day. That is our prayer anyway. I am such a Happy Bubbe, and they are why I am!