lol! the happy bubbe: April 2007

the happy bubbe

Friday, April 27, 2007

Especially Heather

My favorite quote from Especially Heather today is….

” Because, hear me very clearly, life can change in the blink of an eye. In the end, our entitlement means nothing. Our anger means nothing. Our bitterness means nothing.
Our testimony is all we will leave behind”
I love this video. As you watch it say a prayer for this sweet sister in Christ. She brings much honor to her Saviour.So here it is…

Do you trust Him?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have the honor of being nominated as Best Encourager At Homeschool Blog Awards. So I would like very much to take a moment here to encourage you to pray for Heather as she just found out she has a brain tumor and will be undergoing tests all week long.

God uses the foolish things of the world

There are these things called Homeschool Blogger Awards. Three women took up the torch and worked very hard to put them together. It is fun they thought. It is a way to get to know each other. And it has been all those things. I have been to blogs I had never visited before these awards. Then something changed. "Especially Heather" has been told she has a brain tumor. The mood has changed in blogland. But maybe this is part of God's plan too. It is an honor to pray for Heather to come to the Lord on behalf of her children and her husband. We need to thank those who put these Blog Awards together, because if they hadn't posted this "fun" awards program, if they hadn't made nominee buttons for us to post on our blogs, only a few would have known about this need for prayer. Until the "awards" I had never been to Heather's blog and she has probably never been to mine. Only a few would have randomly found this sweet sister in the Lord. BUT because they put their hearts and time into this Awards Ceremony, because Heather thought this would be fun, we can put out hearts and time into pray for her. So it maybe silly, but God has been known to use foolish things. And He is using this. Thank you so much for being obedient to the nudge from the Lord, Heather, Laura and Spirittibee God used you so that we would be so connected that Heather would be bathed in prayer and HE would be Glorified.Because of Jesus, Bobbie