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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tough cookie mommy

This is my 1st Mother's Day without my mom, she passed away on the 1st. So thinking about Tough Cookie Mommy's question brings up many moments. "We want to hear about your favorite coffee moment with your mom over the years." So which one do I share? There was the time she came to visit and blew up the Microwave reheating her coffee. And the time we watched the dolphins and seals sitting at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach pier drinking coffee and eating ice cream sundaes.Then there was THE LAST ONE. The last one, that is my favorite. It was just her and I sitting in her living room. Everyone else was off running errands and we had our last "just the two of us" moment. Knowing it was our last we spent time sharing stories about when she met my Dad. She met him at the Roller Rink down the street from her home.This was an amazing Roller skating rink in North Hollywood, I believe. It was attached to a bowling alley since they used the same wood for the rink and the alleys. How ingenious was that! The Parents can bowl and a huge window allowed them to view their children roller skating.It was there that she and my Aunt Frankie met my dad. She said he walked her home and sneaked in through a window that night. I told her that I too had climbed through a bedroom window once. We talked about her labor with me and how she so wanted me to be born on the 1st of May. So much so, that she drank Orange Juice and Castor oil and went into labor for 3 days....This was Not her best plan. She also had wanted Carolyn to be born on May 1st and she was born on April 30th. It seems G-d knew EXACTLY what HE was doing for May 1st was never suppose to be our day, it was the day she when home to be with the L-rd. Neither of us would have wanted the memory of Mom passing on our Birthdays. We also talked about why she was baptized on Palm Sunday instead of Easter. We all know how much fashion matters to Mom, so it was not a surprise to learn that she didn't want to ruin her new Easter Dress and Palm Sunday was just a normal dress :) So that is the day she and Aunt Frankie chose. She was 11 or 12. That was new information, because I too was 12 years old when I was Baptized. I discovered a lot that afternoon. It turns out, Love happens over coffee, it also says good-bye.


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