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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tough cookie mommy

This is my 1st Mother's Day without my mom, she passed away on the 1st. So thinking about Tough Cookie Mommy's question brings up many moments. "We want to hear about your favorite coffee moment with your mom over the years." So which one do I share? There was the time she came to visit and blew up the Microwave reheating her coffee. And the time we watched the dolphins and seals sitting at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach pier drinking coffee and eating ice cream sundaes.Then there was THE LAST ONE. The last one, that is my favorite. It was just her and I sitting in her living room. Everyone else was off running errands and we had our last "just the two of us" moment. Knowing it was our last we spent time sharing stories about when she met my Dad. She met him at the Roller Rink down the street from her home.This was an amazing Roller skating rink in North Hollywood, I believe. It was attached to a bowling alley since they used the same wood for the rink and the alleys. How ingenious was that! The Parents can bowl and a huge window allowed them to view their children roller skating.It was there that she and my Aunt Frankie met my dad. She said he walked her home and sneaked in through a window that night. I told her that I too had climbed through a bedroom window once. We talked about her labor with me and how she so wanted me to be born on the 1st of May. So much so, that she drank Orange Juice and Castor oil and went into labor for 3 days....This was Not her best plan. She also had wanted Carolyn to be born on May 1st and she was born on April 30th. It seems G-d knew EXACTLY what HE was doing for May 1st was never suppose to be our day, it was the day she when home to be with the L-rd. Neither of us would have wanted the memory of Mom passing on our Birthdays. We also talked about why she was baptized on Palm Sunday instead of Easter. We all know how much fashion matters to Mom, so it was not a surprise to learn that she didn't want to ruin her new Easter Dress and Palm Sunday was just a normal dress :) So that is the day she and Aunt Frankie chose. She was 11 or 12. That was new information, because I too was 12 years old when I was Baptized. I discovered a lot that afternoon. It turns out, Love happens over coffee, it also says good-bye.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

so neglected

I love that you are here waiting for me... with treasures and questions and life happening around me, how could I ignore such a friend...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

been a while

Boy it really has been a while since I was here. I may have to come back and write something again real soon. Like who I am voting for president or something brainy like that.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Especially Heather

My favorite quote from Especially Heather today is….

” Because, hear me very clearly, life can change in the blink of an eye. In the end, our entitlement means nothing. Our anger means nothing. Our bitterness means nothing.
Our testimony is all we will leave behind”
I love this video. As you watch it say a prayer for this sweet sister in Christ. She brings much honor to her Saviour.So here it is…

Do you trust Him?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have the honor of being nominated as Best Encourager At Homeschool Blog Awards. So I would like very much to take a moment here to encourage you to pray for Heather as she just found out she has a brain tumor and will be undergoing tests all week long.

God uses the foolish things of the world

There are these things called Homeschool Blogger Awards. Three women took up the torch and worked very hard to put them together. It is fun they thought. It is a way to get to know each other. And it has been all those things. I have been to blogs I had never visited before these awards. Then something changed. "Especially Heather" has been told she has a brain tumor. The mood has changed in blogland. But maybe this is part of God's plan too. It is an honor to pray for Heather to come to the Lord on behalf of her children and her husband. We need to thank those who put these Blog Awards together, because if they hadn't posted this "fun" awards program, if they hadn't made nominee buttons for us to post on our blogs, only a few would have known about this need for prayer. Until the "awards" I had never been to Heather's blog and she has probably never been to mine. Only a few would have randomly found this sweet sister in the Lord. BUT because they put their hearts and time into this Awards Ceremony, because Heather thought this would be fun, we can put out hearts and time into pray for her. So it maybe silly, but God has been known to use foolish things. And He is using this. Thank you so much for being obedient to the nudge from the Lord, Heather, Laura and Spirittibee God used you so that we would be so connected that Heather would be bathed in prayer and HE would be Glorified.Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Harei Yeshua has a Pastor!

Pastor and Mrs Sam Walker
I get to add a new memorial stone to my basket today. Do you know about Memorial stones? In the Book of Joshua as the Israelites are crossing into Jordan, God commands them to gather stones and make an altar for all generations to remember what God has done. So, I have a basket of mostly River rocks, large enough for a child to hold, and not small enough to choke on. I have numbers on them that correspond to a page in my journal and the story of that rock. I have rocks for births, marriages, salvations, new homes and ordinations. If it is a special occasion, it has a rock. My husband always told our children to Make a Memory and all their lives they have.
Today is Our Sam's Day. Our Son-in-love is going to be Ordained today. You can tell a lot about a man by the friends who surround him. Sam's are gift's straight from the heart of God. When Sam told Chaim (the pastor of his youth, the pastor that married him and our daughter) that he was to be ordained, Chaim asked if he could do it. Sam's heart almost burst with Joy knowing this man loved him enough to fly here on Friday, and leave on Saturday just for the love and privilege of Charging Sam.
When Sam was a Messianic young adult, he met an Arab man. Sam a Jew lead this Arab man to the Lord and brought him to Chaim's congregation. So it is right that the Children of Abraham Conference, His ordination and Purim fall together. Sam changed this young man's life and in doing so, this man is changing the world as well. You see, he too is a Pastor to the Lost Boys of Sudan, to the Children of Darfur. And He flew out to honor His brother as well.
Sam has been leading people to Messiah Yeshua since he was a small child feeding the homeless with his parents in Miami. His teen years were spent on Mission Trips all over the world. It was in serving on these mission trips as a leader, he fell in love with our daughter. Together they have changed the world wherever God has called them. When churches are talking about the 10/40 corridor without even leaving the continental U.S. Jesus brought three unreached people groups to the home, to their dinner table and to the Lord. As they learned about reaching different cultures, they never imagined God would place them in a group as foreign as could be to them. You see, when God calls your children, the ones you have homeschooled to keep out of dangerous situations, God may make them Youth leaders to Stoned, Drunk, Molested, Suicidal, Broken Teenagers. Teenagers that are third generation drug abusers, are no more foreign than tribal people in Africa. Sam is prepared for this appointment. His Ordination Council is filled with Godly men much like that of the Council in Jerusalem which recognized Paul's call, will recognize Sam's call as well.
So I ask you to pray for our Sam, for His gifts, for strength in Leadership, for His Pastoral Heart, For the Sheep in the Flock God has given to his care and for discernment to instantly recognize the Wolves in Sheep's clothing that seek out the High places. Pray for our daughter, Heatherly and the demands that being a Pastor's wife will place on her . Pray that she will be filled with understanding, with Grace to those who call late in the night. Pray that when counsel is needed the Holy Spirit will fill them with great insight, Words of Wisdom and compassion. And pray that dissention, discouragement, divisive spirits, jealousy and all manners of distractions be kept at bay and not allowed entrance to the House of the Lord nor to their dwelling either. May God bless them, their Children and this ministry.
Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Legacy

My daughter is profound. She always has been. The depth of her answers and reflections on spiritual things always astounds me. She just gets it.
Yesterday at Bible Study I got called into the office. Not because I was misbehaving in class, although the Ooooohhh's from my daughter would have made you think so. Instead, Pastor Bob was at church preparing for a funeral so he called me into the office. It was our first face to face in 27 years, and once again, he saw me crying. This time they were happy thankful tears!
When I returned to class we were talking about 1 Cor. 2:9 and could we relate to more than we can imagine or conceive. Well, at that moment I was doing just that. I shared how my marriage was saved my being obedient to God's word.
This is where my daughter gets profound. You see I was only focusing on my marriage. She says "Mom, it created a legacy of obedience." A LEGACY! She and Sam had a room full of teens for three-four years that were exactly like her parents. A youth group that was high, drunk, and children of divorce. Mike and I are children of divorce, even our grandparents were divorced. Had we divorced, Heather would have been a child of divorce and when she and Sam hit their hard patch she would have thrown in the towel and her children would be children of divorce. Thus my saying I will Do the Word of God, Mike saying He will Obey the word of God, began a legacy of marriage. When she and Sam had their testings so many years ago now, Heather and Sam chose to stand on the word of God. When Matt and Syrena hit their hard patch, they also chose to stay together. This meeting with Pastor Bob and his willingness to speak truth to my heart instead of taking the easy way out and saying, "God does allow for divorce" set in motion a Legacy of Love.
See I told you she is deep!
However, as it is written: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him - but God has revealed it by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 1 Cor. 2:9,10

Pastor Bob?

My Pastor Bob?
Something amazing happened yesterday! Our Anouncement maker at the Women's Bible Study, Karen, announced that it was going to be her dad's 75th birthday today. Then she asked the women, how many people remember Pastor Bob? Pastor Bob? Her Dad? Really? I could not believe it! Now I never knew Pastor Bob's last name, so I was never able to locate him, especially because we spent 20 years on the East Coast and he was here in Mike's Hometown. I didn't know how long he pastored here, since the day he changed my life was the day the Senior Pastor had left for Australia for a year. For all this new believer new Pastor's traded places all the time. But now all of a sudden I had a last name, a family member I could get an address from and a letter to write.
You see, the day I walked into Pastor Bob's office over 27 years ago,was the day my husband had finally used the "D" word asking me to go ahead and file. Well, Pastor Bob was so filled with the Spirit of the Lord and had so much wisdom for this very young mom, as I was only a Christian for a couple of years. He shared scripture after scripture with me in such a way that I could share them with Mike. Mike and I ran up a $400.00 phone bill that night, but it saved our marriage. Soon after my meeting with Pastor Bob I was with my husband again, we had been apart for 9 months.
I wanted him to know we were still passionately in love and to know Mike had givien his heart to the Lord and had even become a pastor. So the amazing hour in his office had totally saved my marriage and eventually Mike's soul! And NOW I CAN TELL HIM SO!!!!!!!!!
How totally awesome is Our GOD!
Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together! Ps 34: 3