lol! the happy bubbe: June 2006

the happy bubbe

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saying goodbye to Mommie! Poor Mommie!

"Hi Mommie, I love you, I miss you, I am gonna go swimming now, Bye!"

"Hi Mommie, I am having fun already!"

"Yes Mommie, I will remember to take it easy."

On a happy note

the happy bubbe Three grandkids went off to camp this week. Tirzah got to go. Her Dr told her to just take it easy and try not to over do. So she had a list of instructions with the last one being...Have Fun! Kezziah was so excited about going. She loves all the activities that keep her running. Capture the flag type games are her favorite. (she loves being a spy). And this is Chai's first time at camp away from his parents. He instantly gravitated to the teen boy councellors (dad is a youth pasor so he is used to teens being around). When they announced "pool" all three were of and running, almost forgetting hugs and kisses goodbye!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What the Specialist says.....

I just got off the phone with Mike and Heather. They have one more blood test to do and they will be on there way home. The Dr says that the HSP is attacking her joints, her kidney and her bowels/GI tract which is typical HSP. So far it has not damaged them, they are inflamed and they will check them again in three months. Pretty much this means it has to run its course and there is no treatment. If the damage increases in the next three months, when she returns, they will do a renal biopsy. There is no medication they can give her to stop this when she hurts she can have Tylenol. The blood test is to check for another type of microb that mimics HSP just to be sure and three others known to cause renal failure. Monitoring her blood pressure is key so we must begin doing that ( I don't remember why Heather said it was important). Mike doesn't know if she will prescribe anything that can alleviate some of the pain other than Tylonel, not likely. We will see. SOOOOO...there is a whole lot to continue to pray about. Mike says the Dr. has seen this before and knew what to look for, that is good. I on the other hand did six loads of camp clothes and painted three hallway doors waiting for this phone call. The three older ones will be going to the small four day Buck's lake camp, but to the Two Week Camp Gilgal camp. Instead we will do more family camp so we can keep an eye on the amount of activities they do. And have the needed finances for more stays in Sacramento. It is all good! God is ever in Control.And He knows what we need to do. I love you guys, thanks for the prayers. Bobbie

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Goose that laid the Golden TeaChef Chamomile Egg!

The Goose that laid the Golden TeaChef Chamomile Egg.

Once upon a time Bubbe reached into her mailbox and discovered a container filled with the most beautiful yellow flowers. They had a fragrance that filled the room with sunshine. "What shall I do with these lovely blossoms that will bring smiles to my Grandchildren’s, faces?" Bubbe thought and thought. While she sat on her moss covered log thinking along came her goose and gobbled up some of her precious flowers. "Oh no! Shouted Bubbe in alarm. 'What shall I do now? "Taking some of the blossoms that remained in her treasure box, she brewed a cup of tea and considered her predicament. Adding a Cup of cream and Tablespoon of honey to another cup of tea she decided to place it in popsicle molds for her grandchildren to enjoy when they arrived. This would give her more time to contemplate over what to do with her goose. That day the grandchildren ran and skipped in the yard enjoying their special treat and chasing the goose about the pen. "Squawk! "The Goose in said as she hid in the bulrushes, "Squawk! ,and dove into the stream leaving behind a golden yellow egg for the grandchildren to bring to Bubbe. "What shall we do with this special gift?" Bubbe asked the grandchildren. "We should boil it is the lovely TeaChef blossoms Gaggle ate!" they squealed. So we did just that. However there are five grandchildren and only one golden Teachef Chamomile egg. "How shall we all enjoy it?" asked the smallest of the five. Together they smashed the boiled egg and added a teaspoon of Maui Pineapple mustard to it to enhance the golden color and the sweetness that came from the blossoms. A touch of honey and a pinch of salt blended the flavors together. "Oh let's spread them on buttery cookies?" they all agreed. And the Golden goodness brought smiles to their faces.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


the happy bubbe Oh hooray my TeaChef tea has arrived. this month the free tea is Chamomile! I have so many ideas about using this tea. How exciting! Sign up for you chance for free tea and be a part of the recipes!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jaden's first car wreck!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a Night!!!!!

the happy bubbeOh what a night we just had...I fed the whole crew dinner and they were just getting ready to leave when Jaden started fighting with Kezzi over who gets to ride home with Daddy. So while we are putting the baby in her car seat to carry her out to the car, Jaden leans over the front seats to lock Kezzi out and trips the emergency break! Praise God no one was hurt. He rolled over our marker boulder into a ditch. It took over an hour to get it off the boulders. We had a mechanic across the road, and Sam drove the car home after a good once over. I probably scared Jaden to death when I got him in the house, but that was what I was intending!!!!! Poor sweet Kezzi tried to stop the car and save Jaden. Thank God she couldn't!Thank God she didn't wind up under it, she was wearing flip flops. Everyone in my family is crisis oriented as far as we deal with the crisis and then fall apart. There will be a lot of tears in bed tonight now that the crisis is over. Most of them tears of thanksgiving for God protecting our grandchildren. Poor Heatherlee....all she wants to do is hug her sweet boy. She was the one that got Jaden out of the car, he was all tucked up in the car, knees up, head tucked and arms holding himself all together. And boy can Tirzah scream!!!!! No one will ever mess with a girl with such a set of lungs! Her scream brought all the adults out of the house. I think Mike can actually fly. I know Talia can cause she flew from Sam's arms to mine! Bella assures me she was being good and still on the porch, and Chai..He was in the other car getting his seat belt on. And Praise the Lord they are all safely tucked in bed tonight! We love Jaden so much, Thank you God for loving him too!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Screws up!

Okay, I like Grey's Anatomy. I like curling up on the couch on Sunday nights with my husband. Watching Grey's is calming and sensuous. It is where it belongs. Today I read they want to move it to Thursday nights! Are they trying to screw up its fan base? You will have to choose between CSI and Grey's, will the men in your life really do that? And when you meet with Friends on Friday morning, will the drama of Grey's beat out the conversations on ER? Do you really want to watch back to back medical shows? And when the two hour new season show picks up from the summer sabbatical, who wins out, Pregnant Abby, bleeding and unconscious outside Luca's room; Or Mcdreamy getting some in the closet while other hearts are breaking in all the other areas of the hospital? Come on!!!! Really I can't believe they want to take a night that they basically own and mess it all up. If you feel the same way, write and tell them. Men hold the remotes, CSI will win; after all, it is he middle of the week and you are too tired to squabble about a TV show. No matter how much you like it!

June is here!

the happy bubbe June is here at last! That means Tirzah will finally get seen by a specialist. We have been waiting for so long and she has had some really rough days this week. Please keep her in your prayers. Her legs hurt so badly the other day, her daddy had to carry her to the car. The Specialist at UCDavis is suppose to be one of the best. We just want to know how to help her and make this go away. Hopefully He can tell us how. We are just very glad that June is here at last. Now we have the hotel room booked and the appointment set for the 15th. It cannot come too soon.