lol! the happy bubbe: February 2006

the happy bubbe

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Belbin and Agosto Rock!

Well, They did it! I am so happy for Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto. They skated so beautifully and with such Passion. If Passion Lives Here is the motto of Turino, than Belbin and Agosto are the personifications of it! Come Vancouver there will be no one that can touch them! And to contrast their achievement....what was up with the Italian Diva witch woman??? Did she not notice she had HIM in a headlock, that she caused Him to fall with her instead of just taking the fall herself like other skaters do. She absolutely lost her Olympic Spirit as did the American Gold Medalist Shani Davis. How embarrassing his attitudes are, somewhere along the line he FORGOT that HE was REPRESENTING AMERICA at the Olympics He WAS NOT representing Shani not at that moment. After the Olympics he can represent Shani all he wants. Europe doesn't need to see one more Ugly American. He should learn some humility from his buddy Apollo. That dude gets death threats from S.Korea and STILL speaks kindly. He has given honor to our country greater than any medal could just by being Apollo. Thank goodness there are more that make us proud than those that embarrass us and themselves. Which brings me Make to Belbin and Agosto...You guys ROCK!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Finally a team for me!

the happy bubbe
Every four years the Winter Olympics arrive and I cheer on the Atheletes. Until now, I have chosen two teams to route for, but now there is a team created just for me. The American ice dancers Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto! You see, I am an American who was born in Canada. My mother is American, my father too, was born in Canada. I have three sisters that were born in America and one sister that was born in Canada. Hockey games were exciting to watch in our home. Half of our family born in America the other half born in Canada and to make it tougher, my dad once played for the London Nationals. But now here is a team that does not divide my loyalties or my heart. Here is a team that is just like me, an American with Canadian roots! Woo Hoo! An undivided heart! On to Gold!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our new home looks so beautiful all dressed up in its wintery best!

It's snowing!

the happy bubbe
It seems all winter all it has done is rain. It rained so much I was certain Noah was going to sail past our front door. Atlast it is snowing. It won't be much, but it will be beautiful and the grandkids can play in it. It will melt before shoveling is needed. While driving in the car the other day just the "hope" of snow had the grandchildren praying for snow to the roof tops. (too much Little House on The Prairie :) How excited they all are. Tirzah even went out and found her boots, snow pants, and mittens and placed them in a pile so she wouldn't have to look for them later. I can't wait to see Heatherly's post. I am sure they will have smiles for ear to ear!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Our Tea Party

I am learning how to finally put up pictures! Hooray! This is our Tea Party! I Love Tea, especially with good company.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Our Fondue Extravaganza!

My Valentine!

the happy bubbe

the happy bubbe
I was wondering, if I gave this Valentine to Mike, would he remember that I wrote it for him LAST year? I decided not to chance it and just felt like a total heel because I hadn't even gotten him a card this year. I woke up to handmade chocolate from Joy Lynn's our local chocolatier. The box that contained them was even made of chocolate, really! I am loved by the most amazing man! After he reminded me that presents are for women and that He already has his present, we chose NOT to go out to a crowded place for dinner, but have fondue at home, pull out the sofa bed and watch the Olympics. A fondue dinner was our sweet daughter's idea, she bought us everything for it. She did the same with her love. I don't know how I spaced it, we even received our first Valentines from our granddaughter Kayla in Colorado (they were Scooby-do!) and Matt and Syrena. I MADE Valentine's with Chai, Jaden and Bella. I kept thinking, I will have to go to the store for something, but it didn't happen. I am so blessed to be married to a man that knows I love him without needing a special day to say it. And after 33 Valentine's Days together, saying it isn't as much fun as showing it.

Valentine's Day

the happy bubbe
To My Valentine!
V is for the VERY special man you are

A is for ALMOST letting me drive your car

L is for LOVING me all these many years

E is for EVERYTIME you wiped my tears

N is for NIGHTLY prayers that you pray with me

T is for TOUCHING me oh so tenderly

I is for INCREDIBLE and Indescribable too

N is because NO WORDS can explain my love for you


! Life and so much more than EVERYTHING

I love you so much Michael

Thursday, February 16, 2006

blog surfing

the happy bubbe
I am very new to this whole blog thing, my daughter promises to teach me how to upload pictures soon..... However I love blog surfing. I am blessed by so many Christians writing about what Jesus is doing in their lives. How encouraging! So many are young in age but strong in conviction. There is great hope for this nation although many would have you believe otherwise. Keep posting, people are reading.

Monday, February 06, 2006

unexpected vacation

the happy bubbe
Some weeks are all tea parties and smiles...others ave you exhausted and on your knees. That would be this last week! With all of my seven grandchildren sick and their parents too this has been a week of testing. Matt Syrena and Kayla were all sick out in Colorado. Matt was so sick work sent him home. And Our granddaughter Kayla was so sick she was taking cool swimming baths at midnight to lower her fever.
That began our week which turned in to a hospital stay for our littlest 3 month old granddaughter Talia. She had a very severe case of RSV and was hospitalised for three days, from Tuesday to Friday! Her mommie and Daddy moved into the hospital with her. I love that they can do that. I was in the hospital for three weeks when I was 6-7 (had birthday there) and I remember vividly each evening arriving and my parents being told to leave. I also remember that when they left a nurse would come in with a loaded needle!!!!! So I am so glad Sam and Heatherlee could stay with Talia.
However that means that the other five grandkids came to stay with their Happy Bubbe and Pa. And all of them were sick! Even Pa was sick! Once we got the coughs, runny noses and occasional moments that did not make it to the toilet or bucket, we actually had a wonderful time. We haven't had them all for this long in a while. We did some schoolwork. Jaden read his first words! Bella blended the sounds together faster than Jaden, but still needs letter recognition. She will be catching up to the rest before you know it! We watched movies...lots of movies, built card houses and even managed an hour outside when it finally stopped raining! They were so well behaved and even in our two bedroom mobilehome managed to sprawl out and have fun. They were here from Tuesday to Sunday! Nothing like a vacation to Bubbe and Pa's!Actually it was nothing like a vacation! However all the prayers prevailed, everyone is better (although not completely well) and my home is almost too quiet today. Almost!