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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Harei Yeshua has a Pastor!

Pastor and Mrs Sam Walker
I get to add a new memorial stone to my basket today. Do you know about Memorial stones? In the Book of Joshua as the Israelites are crossing into Jordan, God commands them to gather stones and make an altar for all generations to remember what God has done. So, I have a basket of mostly River rocks, large enough for a child to hold, and not small enough to choke on. I have numbers on them that correspond to a page in my journal and the story of that rock. I have rocks for births, marriages, salvations, new homes and ordinations. If it is a special occasion, it has a rock. My husband always told our children to Make a Memory and all their lives they have.
Today is Our Sam's Day. Our Son-in-love is going to be Ordained today. You can tell a lot about a man by the friends who surround him. Sam's are gift's straight from the heart of God. When Sam told Chaim (the pastor of his youth, the pastor that married him and our daughter) that he was to be ordained, Chaim asked if he could do it. Sam's heart almost burst with Joy knowing this man loved him enough to fly here on Friday, and leave on Saturday just for the love and privilege of Charging Sam.
When Sam was a Messianic young adult, he met an Arab man. Sam a Jew lead this Arab man to the Lord and brought him to Chaim's congregation. So it is right that the Children of Abraham Conference, His ordination and Purim fall together. Sam changed this young man's life and in doing so, this man is changing the world as well. You see, he too is a Pastor to the Lost Boys of Sudan, to the Children of Darfur. And He flew out to honor His brother as well.
Sam has been leading people to Messiah Yeshua since he was a small child feeding the homeless with his parents in Miami. His teen years were spent on Mission Trips all over the world. It was in serving on these mission trips as a leader, he fell in love with our daughter. Together they have changed the world wherever God has called them. When churches are talking about the 10/40 corridor without even leaving the continental U.S. Jesus brought three unreached people groups to the home, to their dinner table and to the Lord. As they learned about reaching different cultures, they never imagined God would place them in a group as foreign as could be to them. You see, when God calls your children, the ones you have homeschooled to keep out of dangerous situations, God may make them Youth leaders to Stoned, Drunk, Molested, Suicidal, Broken Teenagers. Teenagers that are third generation drug abusers, are no more foreign than tribal people in Africa. Sam is prepared for this appointment. His Ordination Council is filled with Godly men much like that of the Council in Jerusalem which recognized Paul's call, will recognize Sam's call as well.
So I ask you to pray for our Sam, for His gifts, for strength in Leadership, for His Pastoral Heart, For the Sheep in the Flock God has given to his care and for discernment to instantly recognize the Wolves in Sheep's clothing that seek out the High places. Pray for our daughter, Heatherly and the demands that being a Pastor's wife will place on her . Pray that she will be filled with understanding, with Grace to those who call late in the night. Pray that when counsel is needed the Holy Spirit will fill them with great insight, Words of Wisdom and compassion. And pray that dissention, discouragement, divisive spirits, jealousy and all manners of distractions be kept at bay and not allowed entrance to the House of the Lord nor to their dwelling either. May God bless them, their Children and this ministry.
Because of Jesus, Bobbie


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