lol! the happy bubbe: January 2006

the happy bubbe

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Tea Party

I woke up to a fun phone call this morning. Heatherly had left all the extra donuts from last night's teen group at my house. So we decided to have a tea party. While she dressed the kids to come over, I took out the good china luncheon plates edged in gold with violets. The Teapots were filled with Vanilla Creme and Ginger Snap tea, the cake plates was covered with donuts and the crystal sugar bowl and creamer were set out when they arrived. Bella was most fun and talked on and on about how special it was to have a "glass" tea party. She had had a "plastic" tea party with Talia a few days earlier. Since Talia is only three months old we decided plastic is very good for training. We also had a discusion on the difference between being a Mademoiselle and a madam. I loved being called the former. It made me feel not as close to 50 as I am. Such sweet talking gentlemen! M'mmm good!

Another Thursday

Well another Thursday has come and gone and the Grandkids have been a barrel of fun this week. We have gone to various eye appointments and have had adventures in K-mart due to the event of Jaden loosing his first tooth and having tooth fairy money to spend. We have played Alice in Wonderland through the maze at the Optomitrist office which put smiles on everyones faces. This continued until Jaden had a bloody nose. So we had to tell stories instead. I am beginning to see a common thread here...Jaden. He is also the one that had his first eye appointment and gets to pick out reading glasses too. Tirzah, Kezzi and Chai all have reading glasses to.
We did not watch The Crawling eye last week, we decided it will be a special "big" kids night since the others are too small to see it. We did watch Meet Felicity last night and Last week we watched Cinderella since Bella was the only one interested in a movie that day. Treasure Planet and Bambi are scheduled for the next Movie night. We also spent the evening making walnut shell decorations for next year's Christmas Tree since Great Grandpa Al doesn't have any for his tree. I really love Thursdays!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What to do today?

Today is Thursday which means five of my grandkids are coming over for the evening. I love Thursday nights! But what shall we do tonight? Lately, the last three times they have been here the dvd of choice has been Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The boys love the fight scenes, the girls love the dancing and Zemeira (currently Queen Lucy) loves the Sobbin' Women song. She sings it all day long or until the Donut Man starts singing and a new song begins. Did I mention this three year old loves to sing? I am thinking we need a game night. I have a new kitchen table that is perfect for game night. So Candy Land, and SCRABBLE may be the way to go. ANd the Boys will want to begin with Lord of the Rings Chess which eventually will e a war of the characters instead.I do have a new DVD though, it arrived yesterday. But I will have to preview it first. They have scene All the Lord of the Rings movies with out fear and Shebo the spider was scary and so were the dead warriors,so maybe an old classic horror film could be okay. Mike found me my favorite horror movie of all time for Chanukah so the first one I want to see is of course "The Crawling Eye!" Since Chai noticed the back drop wasn't real mountains in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I am certain he would see the strings on the Eye"s veins. We will see. First mommie has to see it. I can hardly wait!!!!
Did I tell you I love Thursdays!

Monday, January 09, 2006

no pictures???

the happy bubbe
Oh If only I was as computer sauvy as the world thinks I am. I am currently just thankful to have figured out what my password is and how to add to this blog. It only took nine months! The good news is Mike is going to start teaching computer calsses, and I hope to be his lab rat. Someday , after a class or too, even though my precious daughter-in-law tried to talk me through it, I will learn. But like her husband I am more Kinesthetic in my learning abilities than audio. I do have great pictures to put up as we had nine days of celebrating between Christmas, Chanukah and Kezzi's 9th birthday. They will be coming soon.
Today I spent they day on the internet looking for a way to bring joy ,peace and harmony to a family tradition sometimes known as the sisterhood birthday celebration, sometimes know as the big 50. This year it is mine and although I have had a few suggestions, most have been shot down because camping is not the joy to others it is to me, and others are too expensive. But today I discovered Fort Bragg Beach and whale watching and hotel rooms that are still affordable before May 15th along with Giant Redwoods and glass beaches with tidepools. I think I found it. Now I only have to arrange it around Mike's new classes he is starting to teach. As soon as I have Carolyn's vacation dates we will make more solid plans.
I think I will buy a copy of the Ya-ya Sisterhood to take along with us. hee hee!

Monday, January 02, 2006

the happy bubbe

the happy bubbe
Happy New Year!
This last year has been so amazing, I am really looking forward to all that the Lord may have in store for me and my family. We have a new grandbaby, Talia makes 7 grandchildren, a new home and this year I will turn 50 years old. Yep this year holds a lot of promise!